September 18, 2021

Good Morning Dear Family Members, 

I want to update you on how everything is at St. Daniel's. 
We continue to follow all state guidelines regarding safety for our residents during the COVID-19 crisis. I have brought in additional help with the sanitation process to insure our facility is sanitized twice daily and as needed.  

My sons and I have just opened our third home in Claremont.  St. Daniel's Senior Care on Indian Hill Blvd. opened in August.  We have five incredible residents who have moved in and are under the care of Elizabeth and Chito, our wonderful caregivers.  Each day we remind each of our residents that they are loved by you!  We share pictures, phone calls and stories.  Thanks to each of you for following our Covid visitation guidelines with understanding and patience.  Policies change from day to day and you have all been so understanding.

The wonderful and devoted caregivers and workers (Maribel, Jolan, Lorraine, Jojo, Elizabeth, Chito and  Zully and all the hospice and home health nurses) are dedicated to caring for all of our St. Daniel's family.   Our residents are the most vulnerable.  Protecting them and keeping them healthy and happy is our primary goal.

Thank you all for understanding and abiding by the guidelines that are helping us to stay safe from COVID-19.   It is a difficult time for all of us. But we will get through it by working together.

Please share this message with your family so they too can be updated with information. 
Feel free to call me anytime. 

Stay safe and God-bless you and your family,

Deborah Davis, Dan Davis and Chad Davis

​​​​​Our talented and beautiful Mary entertaining everyone!

Dedicated to quality care in a home environment


St. Daniel 's Eldercare Homes

​​​Edna, always sweet and beautiful!