Frequently Asked Questions

St. Daniel 's Eldercare Homes

Dedicated to quality care in a home environment

Creating an atmosphere that promotes independence, respect and pride is a key part of maintaining the quality of life which we desire for your loved one.  We know that this is one of the toughest decisions that you will ever have to make, and we are here to hold your hand and help guide you through this journey. If you have questions in addition to those answered here, please feel free to contact us.  

Are you licensed?
Yes.  Both of our assisted living locations are fully licensed.  Our license numbers are 198601619, 198603478 and 198601637. We distinguish ourselves from other assisted living facilities by providing customized assisted living care in a friendly and inviting home setting.
How do I keep track of my loved one's well being?

We actively monitor the ability of our residents to care for themselves and document changes as needed.  We use this information along with medical information provided to us from outside physicians to tailor our care plan to each individual.  We communicate these changes with the appropriate family members on a regular basis.  In addition, these records are available for your viewing upon request.

Are the caregivers qualified to take care of my loved one?

All of the caregivers at the St. Daniel’s assisted living facilities have the knowledge and ability to recognize and respond appropriately to problems related to the welfare of our residents.

What if my loved one requires hospice care?

St. Daniel’s Eldercare has been granted six “Hospice Waivers” in each of our homes.  Although we are not a medical facility and do not provide medical services, we will work with the hospice provider of your choice to ensure your loved one receives the care and attention they deserve and require. Should your loved one require hospice care while living in our home, we will be happy to assist you with making the arrangements.

How will my loved one get the right medications? 

The caregivers at St. Daniel’s assisted living residences will monitor and assist residents with medications to ensure that they are taking them as prescribed by a physician.  When a resident is no longer able to self-administer medications with the assistance of a caregiver, the changes will be documented and a skilled medical professional or authorized family member will be required to administer the medication. 

What special accommodations can be made to ensure the safety of my loved one?

In addition to the standard safety features found throughout our assisted living facilities,  St. Daniel’s will work with physicians and/or hospice to make arrangements, should our residents require additional safety measures such as hospital beds or bed rails.

Does St. Daniel’s Eldercare accept residents with bowel or bladder incontinence? 

Incontinence is a common problem for many senior citizens.  St. Daniel’s takes pride in assisting our residents with bowel and bladder management while also allowing our residents to maintain their pride and dignity. 

Is your assisted living residence religious? 
Our faith is important to us and we believe we are doing God's work by providing loving and quality care for your loved one.  We welcome and respect all faiths in our homes. Upon request, we can arrange for religious services within our homes. ​